Larvex 100 is a non-toxic, biodegradable mosquito larvicide for killing mosquitos. It is simple to use and no special training or preparation is needed. Derived from natural oil resources that create a single layer over dormant water sources, Larvex 100 contains 100% active vegetable monolayer oil ingredients that are strongly effective in the extermination of all types of mosquitoes.

Active Ingredient in Larvex 100

Larvex 100 contains insoluble surface-active components Di-ethoxy cetostearyl alcohol (10%) and Monoethoxy oleic acids (90%) obtained from pure vegetable oil. 

How Does Larvex 100 Work?

A combination of Di-ethoxy cetostearyl alcohol (10%) and Monoethoxy oleic acids (90%) is not toxic. Larvex 100 works through physical action and it is very surface-active that when dissolved into water, it increases its wetting ability on the breathing organs of the mosquito cocoon and larva consequently enabling the water to enter which kills them by suffocation and drowning. The single-layer oil also creates a hindering barrier on the anopheles’ mosquito oviposition. 

Larvex 100 Application Rate 

The normal rate of Larvex 100 application is 10 liters for every 2 Hectares.

How to Use Larvex 100?

It should be gently spread or sprayed over the water surface.  Note that it should never be mixed or stored in containers with water or any aqueous solutions and it should never be spewed under the water. 

For the best results, it should be applied in the late hours of the day near the boundary, or towards the edges of the water source. For largely unreachable water sources, Larvex 100 should be applied from the reachable points so that it spreads all over the surface. To obtain complete Larvex coverage over the surface, you should use the indicator “indol” availed from Accotec. 

Application of the same dosage should be repeated within 5 and 6 days of the first application and as soon as when the 4th stage larva resurface. Later, repeat application after every 3-4 weeks. 

Where to Use Larvex 100?

Larvex 100 does not affect non-target marine life and is highly recommended for controlling mosquitoes in pure water places and portable water sources like:

  • Water storage tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Water reservoirs
  • wells. 
  • Large lakes
  • Contaminated sewers and polluted water areas

Benefits of Using Larvex 100

  • It is non-toxic
  • Environmental friendly and does not contaminate the environment
  • It gives you value for your money
  • Simple to use and requires no special training
  • Has very minimal or no effect on non-target marine life.


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