Welcome to KitutoAfrica hygiene and Solutions Company we are full service fumigation and pest Control Company, offering the latest technology and techniques to ensure the highest quality of service. Our team of experienced professionals is available 24/7 to help rid your home or businesses of pesky pests and other nuisances. We offer a range of services, from single visits to full service contracts, so you can be sure your property is always pest free and safe. As a leading pest control company in Kenya, we offer safe, emergency, and discreet pest treatments for all types of pests and properties.

We all take care of bedbugs control, cockroaches control, termites control, rats, control, bees control, fleas control and mosquito control. In a Professional way, same day, eco-friendly pest control services. Enjoy premium and affordable pest control services at your comfort.

Pest Control being the process of controlling, managing, minimizing or removing undesirable insects and other pests, from spaces occupied by people while Fumigation being the action or process of disinfecting or purifying an area from pests by completely filling the area with fumigants. KitutoAfrica Hygiene solutions company professionals have qualified and certified pest control experts who are dedicated to help the residents of Kenya and its environments to stay protected against pests. Pests have become a problem in Kenya and some have become mutants and resistant to the chemicals that people use to eradicate them. Due to mutation they have infested in many homes and people have a problem to control them, we at Kituto Africa hygiene and Solutions Company have come with the best products to ensure that there are zero pests in your surroundings. We are professionals in controlling several pests; some of our pest control services include cockroach fumigation and control services, bed bugs fumigation, Mosquitoes fumigation, Fleas, Termites, Snakes and rodent control services in all over the country.

KitutoAfrica Hygiene and Solutions Company offers guaranteed pest control services in Kenya and throughout the whole country. We all know how fast pests can spread in our homes or business. Today you see one cockroach, a bedbug or a rat dashing across the room, few days down the line it becomes a full blown infestation. Taking care of this issue is what we specialize in. we use pest science and deep knowledge of products in market to fight pests so you stay in peace .Our methods are safe for humans, pests and environment.

Pest control is a lot of things to different people, including An Environmental Pest Control licensed technician working industry professionals

Some say pest control is a science.

Others refer to it as a system or process.

  • Most think it’s simply killing bugs with chemicals and traps.
  • Many also think that pest control is a one-time action.
  • If the pests are gone immediately after treatment, it worked.
  • If the insects are still thereafter, it failed (which is not necessarily the case).


  1. Why do we need Pest Control?

Most bugs and insects are harmless, and are beneficial to our ecosystem. BUT they are not liked, tolerated or wanted. They can be bothersome or be a serious health and safety concern.

Here are reasons why pest control services are sought out:

Pests have a fierce, scary or grotesque appearance, like spiders, silverfish or earwigs.

They bite or sting (real or perceived), like bed bugs, fleas, wasps, house centipedes and spiders.

They have aggressive behavior, like mud dauber wasps and yellow-jackets.

They feed off you, like bed bugs.

Some carry and spread diseases, like mice, rats, cockroaches and fleas.

They can cause or trigger allergic reactions or sensitivities, like wasps, bees, cluster flies and cockroaches.

They are a serious health concern, like cockroaches, mice and rats.

They stain or smell foul, like pine seed bugs and box elder bugs.

They damage your home, gardens and personal items (like mice, rats, clothes moths, and ants).

Are Pest Control and Pest Management the same thing?

Pest Control is seen as an immediate action. It is about handling a specific issue, often with a one-time application or treatment, and nothing more.

Pest Management is a long-term, more comprehensive, and more educational approach. It addresses the current pest issue, and minimizes or prevents subsequent issues because it focuses on eliminating food, shelter and water. Pest management includes an integrated pest management plan or IPM plan, which is a custom action plan designed by the pest control professional for your situation.

Pest control and pest management go together, and both are needed to effectively resolve issues as effectively as possible

When given a chance, we strive to offer you the best pest control service. We commit to offer best and professional service. Our pest control service is affordable, reliable and safe approaches ensuring you live pest-free. We have tailored an integrated pest management technique to ensure your home is not only friendly but livable at any time. Here is the reason to have us solve this nightmare

  1. Experience

We have undertaken bedbug control, cockroach control, fleas control, mites control, rats control over many years now. We have a team experienced in pest control, customer service and the use of safe chemicals to exterminate pests.

b)      Quality

At the heart of our service is pest control. We enter a pest infested area leaving it without living pests. It is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand cunny pests.

c)      Pricing

We offer pest control as a service. We charge a fee that caters for chemicals, transport and a small profit. I assure you we have very competitive prices in the industry.

d)     Revisits

We are cognizant of the fact that pests are of different strains and sometimes they might not all get out. We offer support up to 30 days with free revisits and recommendations. Pest Control is a process not an event

We offer you the best at pest control as a family at friendly price, in a swift manner and to your satisfaction. You deserve the best. Come demand for it

  1. Office Space

Our dedication is to offer best commercial service. We are cognizant of the fact that you deserve the best service at pest control. We tailor the service to specific needs of your business and industry. This cover sanitizations and fumigation against pests

  1. Restaurant & Stores

We have a specialized division that provides the best that there is in pest control to restaurant fumigation to comply with covid 19 directives. This sanitation process targets virus and bacteria. Also cockroaches.

Fumigation & Sanitization

You never know the level of contamination of imported goods. The extent to which they should be fumigated is our call. It deserves the best in order to control foreign pests.  This is aligned with government directive that goods should comply with all quarantine requirements.


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