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Supermarkets are at the top of the list when it comes to locations where customers expect cleanliness and safety. Pests of any kind can undermine a customer’s trust in your stores and your brand, not to mention the brands of the things you offer. You may feel confident that your stores will have the finest defense against pest issues with KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company on your side.

KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company was created with your peace in mind. Our highly trained Service Specialists promptly eliminate existing infestations using the latest innovative materials, equipment, and treatment methods, and then create preventive maintenance programs to combat future pest difficulties.

Our core program ensures that common pests, such as cockroaches, ants, rodents are kept at bay.

Find how KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company can defend your store from pest threats by calling +254705031180

When people go to the supermarket, they expect to buy food from a place that is clean and free of bugs and rodents. Pests can dissuade clients, cause a loss of faith in your business, and pose major health risks in food preparation facilities. We put your mind at ease at KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company by assisting you in maintaining health standards and meeting the expectations of your customers and auditors. Our educated professionals will assess your store and devise a personalized strategy to meet your specific requirements.

KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company offers the skills and experience to keep your stores pest-free. We will promptly and effectively collaborate with you on your present difficulties.

We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your facilities and check for spots where pests could be gaining entry. Once inside, bugs eat on a variety of products, including pet meals, bird seed, pasta, grain products, and fruit, causing contamination and putting your brand at danger. We will collaborate with you to establish a plan for resolution and create an action plan to prevent future difficulties when we have identified the problem areas.

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure that your customers have a pest-free shopping experience and that you can concentrate on running your business rather than worrying about pests.

The following are some of the supermarket services we provide:

  1. Pest Control – After evaluating the area, our professionals will set a service time that is convenient for you. We are unobtrusive and have minimal influence on your operations. During the service, we’ll employ the plan we’ve devised to treat any covered pests detected during your inspection.
  2. Bird control – In addition to causing damage to roofs and ventilation systems, pest birds can carry disease. Dodson has the appropriate knowledge and experience to assist you in humanely resolving your bird problem.
  3. Fly Control – Flies can carry more than a half-billion bacteria and organisms on their bodies, resulting in tainted food. Inspection, identification, sanitation, possible mechanical control, and residual treatment control are all steps in an effective fly management method.
  1. Controlling Rodents — Rodents and their parasites are carriers of a variety of diseases. Every year, they pollute and damage property, food, and other things worth millions of dollars. We’ll work with you to keep rodents out of the facility and decrease the risk of them getting sick from the food you sell. 

Rodents, rats, and mice, in particular, are unpleasant pests to come across, especially at the supermarket. Rodents prefer to build their houses close to their food source. Unfortunately, when clients see traces of their presence, this might become a problem. KitutoAfrica pest management personnel are trained to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tactics to limit food sources, remove entry points for mice, and take a variety of other proactive actions to prevent rodents from making your facility their home.

Why choose KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company to control pest in your supermarket

Allowing unmanaged pests to harm your reputation and drive customers to rival supermarket is a bad idea. You’ll need a pest control company that knows the demands you’re under as a huge facility that deals with a lot of food and beverages on a daily basis.

On-site inspections and innovative solutions are provided by KitutoAfrica Hygiene Solutions Company to eliminate flies, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests that can establish their home within your grocery shop.

KitutoAfrica hygiene solutions company is the Industry Leader in Kenya and East Africa region with thousands of satisfied customers.

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