In a room temperature of 25-30 degree Celsius a housefly can complete it’s lifecycle in 10 days. Housefly are annoying, unhygienic carrying a wide range of diseases including food poisoning bacteria and also salmonella. Housefly are gross and disgusting no one feels comfortable therefore need professional experts to manage your house to hygienic standards getting rid of flies.
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Contrary to their name, bedbugs can also be found in cracks In the walls, carpets, timber floorboards, drawers and wardrobes. Bedbugs normally visit their host (humans) for a brief feed in few hours just before dawn. Bedbugs have signs such as dark/black stains on mattress ,or on the surface of the bed. The stains are from bedbug excreta known as “faecal pellets”, other signs are sweet scent with unpleasant bloodspots on the sheets or mattress. Bedbugs are notorious and resilient to some chemical this require expertise and innovative control measures.
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Rats are known well to spread diseases, damage property, contaminate food and animals feeds. Rats infestation include droppings, smear marks, destroyed electric cables. Rats control is very important to avoid serious diseases which they transmit. Rats can be persistent if manage to gain access into homes and businesses areas spreading diseases, causing damage and contaminate food.
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Ant control services are available from KitutoAfrica hygiene solutions company to treat ant problems. Ants get into houses in search of food ; ant nests are located in dry soil, paving and also on the lawns.
There are two ant species black and garden ants although they’re not thought to carry diseases they can be particular nuisance and mind disturbing. Ants travel through unsanitary areas before they end up into houses
Cockroaches are commonly found in homes especially in kitchen and dining rooms in our homes. Since these areas tend to be warm they provide favourable conditions for cockroaches. They come out after the dark, feeding on any type of food, they also carry diseases such as dysentery, gastro-enteritis, child asthma and salmonella. Cockroaches need professional experts to manage them.
Being stung by a wasp or bee is a painful experience which can be life threatening to anyone who comes across them. Some people are allergic to the stings which can react differently into person’s body. Wasps build their nests on the corners of the house and Roofs. There are different species of wasps and need professional experts to manage them.
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There are more than 35,000 species of spiders worldwide, a few thousands are only found in Kenya. Some species are also poisonous and life threatening. Spiders are nuisance in homes and business areas since they weave webs everywhere especially dark, outdoors, air vents and wall cracks. Spiders are scary to most people even children thus requiring proper pest control from professional experts.
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They are considered as the most destructive insect pests in the world and can devalue properties by up to 30%. Buildings and structures are destroyed by these pests resulting in huge financial losses. Termites are pests no one would like see them in their homes or business areas. They need qualified professional to control and manage them. Termites are found in densely populated areas due to large concentration of buildings and associated climate.
Mice can multiply quickly and significantly do damage to home furniture and businesses through their gnawing activities. They also contaminate food and other materials through their droppings which also implicated potential asthma triggers among children. Mice live in excluded areas or dark areas , controlling of mice need professional experts to avoid contamination .
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Textile pests
They also known as cloth moths they lay sticky eggs on natural clothing, there are white caterpillar larvae ,they do damage by eating clothes, carpets and upholstery and can be very destructive. These pests needs to be controlled early enough before they can cause serious damage on property.
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KitutoAfrica hygiene solutions company is a company in Kenya, experts in pest control and cleaning services. Our company is one of the pioneers of professional pest and cleaning services in Kenya. KitutoAfrica has helped in developing and shaping the pest/hygiene industry in Kenya.
We have been providing effective and reliable pest control and cleaning services through taking all measures into place to both commercial and residential customers. As a company we have continued growing and have become most trusted pest controller and cleaning services.
KitutoAfrica hygiene solutions company as always our initial focus has always been providing expert, reliable, professional services to our esteemed customers. We are professionals focused constantly developing as well as growing our people and communities . Our integrated culture takes on approach of integrity, ethics and responsibility, by been the best on what we do and by doing what is right for our customers and colleagues.
Our people are the face of our company and the heart of what we do, we dwell effortlessly in a highly knowledgeable and experience team to deliver and support the delivery of pest control and hygiene services that protect Kenya’s homes and businesses.
Our company respect the rule of law and follows the code of conduct.



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