TYPES OF COCKROACH SPECIES IN KENYA

Cockroaches may give everyone the creeps, and they are responsible for the spread of a variety of diseases. In Kenya, there are several different types of cockroaches. The American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and German cockroach are three of the most prominent species although we shall name others. The following are the physical characteristics and other significant credentials of these cockroaches:


It is one of the most common cockroaches in Kenya, infiltrating both residential and commercial environments. They are red-brown in hue with a lustrous polish and are 35-40mm in length. Males have wings that are longer than their bodies and can fly in the correct conditions. Females carry approximately 16 eggs in their egg case, which they carry for several days before depositing. The eggs take 1-2 months to hatch. The development of the nymphs might take up to 15 months. These cockroaches love to live in dark, damp environments. Bathrooms, roof voids, kitchens, basements, and subfloors are all places where they can be found.



Cockroaches in this species are dark brown or black in hue. Males’ wings cover 34% of the abdomen length, while females’ wings are underdeveloped. These cockroaches are 20-25mm in length. Females carry 16 eggs in their egg case, which hatch after two months. Between 6 and 18 months, nymphs mature into adults. They love to live in damp, cool areas such as beneath porches, sewers, and basements. Additionally, they can be found in leaf litter and garbage dumps. Rather than flying, they prefer to run.


Their pronotum has two dark and large stripes that make them easily identifiable. Adults measure 12-15mm in length. Females keep 35-40 eggs in their egg cases until they are ready to hatch. The hatching process takes one month. Nymphs require anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to mature into adults. These cockroaches can be found inside. Bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial areas are all places where you can detect their presence.


There are several more cockroach species, including the smaller cockroach, dusky cockroach, brown banded cockroach, and several others, in addition to the ones described above. It’s not only a question of counting and evaluating the various species.



The most effective technique to get rid of cockroaches in your house or business is to hire a professional. Through expert prevention approaches, specialist services can ensure a long-term solution and limit the chance of re-infestation.

Cockroaches present a significant risk of contamination and harm to stored objects and brand reputation for enterprises. The health risks linked with this disease-spreading bug are also a major worry for homeowners.

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Our Kituto africa technicians are highly trained and experienced experts who are certified and licensed applicators who are expected to participate in ongoing training programs to keep their skills up to date.

We may use our knowledge of each cockroach species’ habits to our advantage.

A thorough survey of your property is the first step in our service. We can look for cockroaches’ characteristic indications, as well as probable refuge spots and invading species.

Our Services and Advantages:

Inspections on a regular basis, including night time inspections. Cockroaches are nocturnal organisms; therefore inspections at night will disclose any hidden spots on your property.

Certified technicians – We have a team of dependable, trained, and experienced technicians situated all around Kenya who can help you.

We use Non toxic cockroach control products that are highly targeted at the crevices where cockroaches hide in order to reduce the risk of pesticides in the home. To get rid of cockroaches in the house or at work, products such as sprays, gel baits, or dusting powders may be employed.

Expert understanding – our knowledge of cockroach species’ habits, backed by global experience, allows us to deliver the most effective control measures.

Treatment hours that are convenient for you – we perform our treatments at times that are convenient for you to avoid disrupting your work or home life.

Chemical-free alternatives – Our cockroach control service is efficient in eliminating cockroach infestations in households and even extremely sensitive commercial environments.

We use non-toxic cockroach control products that are highly targeted at the crevices where cockroaches hide in order to reduce the risk of pesticides in the home. To get rid of cockroaches in the house or at work, products such as sprays, gel baits, or dusting powders may be employed.

Professional preventive guidance – your local technician may offer expert prevention advise on how to proof your home and avoid an infestation.

Long-term assistance – our technician will schedule follow-up visits (if necessary) to re-treat the identified hiding areas at a time that corresponds to the cockroach egg cases hatching time (oothecae) COCKROACH SPECIES IN KENYA

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